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  • General Information
  • Foreign Trade Capacity
  • Product Research & Development Capacity
  • Management System and Product Certification
  • Production Capacity & Quality Control
  • Financial Position
  • Working Environment
  • Photos
  • Industry Information
  • Energy Saving and Emission Reduction
Company:Wuxi Sinopfe International Trading Corporation
SGS Serial NO.:QIP-ASI124463
Report Type:Initial
Audit Date:Mar 31, 2012
Report Price:US $39.50 (Payment Method)

The payment is for the Audit Report of this company.

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Company Type:Trading Company
Year of established:Jan 18,2011
Registered capital:RMB 1000000
Products:Egg Incubator, Chicken Cage, Layer Cage, Plucker, Feedstuff Processing Equipment.
Number of Employees:5
Market:Europe,Others,Southeast Asia/ Mideast,Africa
Wuxi Sinopfe International Trading Corporation
1st Year Audited Supplier
Jiangsu, China
Member Since: 2011
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company